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Shenzhen VigorPower Battery Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rechargeable battery`s research, prodcution and selling. With several experienced electrochemistry experts` long-term research and a lot of patent technique, Vigor Power`s EP NI-MH and LI-PO series high power batteries are widely accepted by worldwide customers for EP battery`s excellent characteristics and good quality.

[INDUSTRY NEWS] What investment highlights can the lithium battery industry be able to dig out?


In 2016, China's new energy vehicles sold more than 500 thousand vehicles, and production and sales were the first in the world for two consecutive years. The power lithium battery is one of the three core components of the new energy vehicle, and the proportion of the vehicle cost is up to 40%, which directly determines the performance of the vehicle. Because new energy vehicles require high power batteries, they must have specific performances of high specific energy, high specific power, fast charge and deep discharge, and require low cost and long life. Therefore, lithium ion batteries become the best choice.


[COMPANY NEWS] What is the difference between a three yuan lithium battery and a hydrogen fuel cell?


As environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, fog and haze has become a topic for people to talk about in recent years. Especially in the Empire, once majestic towers of the imperial city is not the water chestnut haze cover. With the continuous exploitation of the world's oil resources, the days of "refueling" are getting farther and farther away from us. As a big car country, China can no longer be "oil".


[COMPANY NEWS] New breakthroughs in lithium batteries! Increase the endurance of electric vehicles by two times


Battery technology is changing with each passing day, and the driving distance of electric vehicles is also improving day by day! South Korean scientists released the latest electric vehicle, each charging can run 300 kilometers, the endurance is two times the total electric vehicle, and the storage capacity is 4 times.


[亚博娱乐官网登录-COMPANY NEWS] "The whole line" outbreak of China's lithium equipment intelligent manufacturing direction has been set


German industry 4, China made 2025 or the US industrial Internet is also good. Their essence is consistent, and they all point to a core -- intelligent manufacturing. The whole process of industrial 4 is the process of continuous integration of automation and information, and the process of redefining the world by software.






We strictly control the quality and carry out the full inspection for all finished products. The products we deliver to our customers will take the initiative to get the SGS international standard certificate first, and make sure the assured battery is delivered to the customers.